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This website is devoted to bringing together as much knowledge as possible about computing devices and electronic games. This site is specially designed to inform visitors as much as possible - all for free! As you may have noticed on the home page, the sections covering topics in computers and games are respectively "in the oven" - check back soon to see them!

Navigating this website should be super simple for you: the colored bar running at the top of each page shows a "breadcrumb trail" of the places within a given section you've been, allowing you to easily jump to the many pages on this site. When you left-click (or tap if you're using touch functionality) on each menu, a list of options will drop down from that menu (for example, the menu labeled "GB Sections" reveals a list of the site's main sections). Left-click on the option you want to visit or right-click (command-click) and select "Open in new tab" so you don't leave the page you're currently visiting!

The company logo, which is always displayed in the top-left corner, brings you back to the home page (www.gamebookstudios.com) with just a simple left click of your mouse or a tap on your touchscreen.

Below, you'll find a description and links to each of the five available sections in "About Us":

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