About Us
About Us

Gamebook Studios began in 2009 as an idea I had while playing "Worms: Armageddon" on the Nintendo 64 with my friend Sean Wempe. We decided one night in college to look up what new things we could unlock in the game, but found to our disappointment that there was almost no online literature regarding the game. I turned to Sean and said, "There ought to be a website where all games are covered to the fullest extent."

As time passed, I realized that, for the games for which there was adequate strategy coverage online, there was little in the way of organization or solid proof that they were correct - sometimes the so-called official walkthrough had the wrong information! I also realized that the same was true for getting answers to computer questions; while there were plenty of places to look, there wasn't a solid, reliable place to which everyone could always refer. Something had to be done.

In 2011, I began making preliminary plans for this website, learning every tidbit I could from Black Lantern Studios, the game studio at which I was working then. In 2012, after leaving Black Lantern, I began early coding work on the website. On September 11, 2012, I finished the logo for Gamebook Studios, but it would be a couple of more years until I had the time to get things set up as I saw fit. With a mobile game on the market and a computer game "in the oven," it was time to put up the early parts of the site.

And now here you are looking at Gamebook Studios' website. It's just the beginning, though, and I need all of your feedback and support to continue to grow and achieve my goal of becoming the ultimate source for your computer and gaming needs. Welcome to Gamebook Studios, and remember to always "play with power"!

- Andrew Sherwin, Founder and Director